How to do a Crawfish Boil

Easy bayou boil recipe (per 1 gallon of boiling water):
Spice Krewe Bayou Boil Mix seasoning 4 oz. 
1 onion 
1 garlic bulb 
1 lemon (set 1/4 aside for later use)
1/2 orange (set 1/4 aside for later use)
1/4 stick butter (set 1/4 aside for later use)
~3-4 oz beer (optional)
1/8 cup apple cider vinegar 
1 lb red potatoes
1/8 lb brussell sprouts (optional)
4-6 small ears of corn

Meats: Crawfish (~3-4 lbs), shrimp can be substituted for crawfish (thus skipping step 1); 
(optional) Sausage (1-2 lbs), can also be substituted

Crawfish is a key ingredient in many of our favorite dishes and meals ... Crawfish Etouffee, Crawfish Bisque, Crawfish Pie, Fried Crawfish, Crawfish Jambalaya, and of course boiled crawfish.

Our Recipe for the Perfect Crawfish Boil

There are hundreds of recipes for boiling live crawfish, and thousands of variations. We've used one "recipe" for years, for decades actually. We fine tune it sometimes, but it goes something like this...

Most live crawfish come in plastic mesh sacks of about 30-45 pounds. Crawfish in good health and held under good refrigerated conditions can be stored up to four to five days without excessive mortality.

A sack of live crawfish is usually ~35-45 pounds

Each person typically can eat about 2-3 pounds of crawfish (with heads-tails).

IMPORTANT NOTE: When starting, remember it can take up to 45 minutes to get first water boiling. Sit back, relax, enjoy the wait time!

1) Move crawfish to a tub, or ice chest, for purging. Rinse live Crawfish and purge* - Do not use salt
(*spray fresh water over crawfish for about 10 minutes or place crawfish sack in a cooler or plastic kiddie pool and fill with water, agitate water until water runs clear)

2) Chop onions, oranges, and lemons in quarters; Chop garlic bulbs in half (across the equator) to expose cloves; 

3) Chop smoked sausage into ~2” pieces

4) Chop potatoes in halves

5) Measure the water level - Fill boil pot to just under 3/4 full with water

6) Cover boil pot with lid, bring water to a low boil (just when boil bubbles begin to break the water surface) (may take up to 45 minutes)

7) Remove lid and season water in boil pot by adding the following:
Spice Krewe Boil mix, onions, garlic, beer, and apple cider vinegar, and 3/4 of the butter

8) Squeeze juice from 3/4 of lemons/orange halves into boil pot water, (optional: throw peels into boil pot water, or discard)

9) Replace lid, and bring water to low boil (boil for at least 5 minutes to allow the spices to mix well). Helpful Timer 

10) Add potatoes, stir boil pot, cover with lid, return to LOW boil
After 2 minutes, (leaving in boil water) go to step 11

11) Add brussell sprouts, stir boil pot, cover with lid, return to LOW boil
After 2 minutes, (leaving in boil water) go to step 12

12) Add Smoked Sausage, stir boil pot, cover with lid, return to LOW boil
After 2 minutes, (leaving in boil water) go to step 13

13) Add live crawfish / shrimp, stir boil pot, cover with lid, return to LOW boil
After 2 minutes, crawfish will turn deep red, shrimp will turn pink (leaving in boil water) go to step 14

14) Add frozen corn, stir boil pot, cover with lid, return to LOW boil
After 2 minutes, (leaving in boil water) go to step 15

15) Turn off flame / heat source for boil pot

Keep covered with lid, and let steep to absorb flavors for 15 minutes

16) Raise the boil basket from the boil pot to drain. (Careful, this will be extremely hot.) 


  • Option 1:
    Dump boil basket contents to cooler** / Squeeze juice from remaining lemon & orange; Add remaining butter, (optional: dust with Spice Krewe’s Bayou Burn Seasoning, Bayou Seasoned Salt, or Bayou Blend); close cooler lid and let sit for 15 minutes. **TIP: Line the cooler(s) with plastic sheeting prior to dumping boil basket contents. This not only provides an easy way to gently toss and turn the contents to distribute added citrus, butter, and seasoning; but also makes for easier cleanup.  
  • Option 2:
    Pour boil basket contents on a paper lined table and eat immediately.

Where to Buy Crawfish

A number of seafood markets and outlets offer live crawfish for sale during the crawfish season in the spring. During season, some restaurants and supermarkets offer boiled crawfish by the pound.

Where ever you plan to purchase your live crawfish, always call ahead for information, pricing, availability, and possible reservations.


Order Live Crawfish Online
You can order live crawfish online from a number of crawfish farmers and retailers, and have them shipped nationwide overnight.
With the advent of the Internet, and shippers such as FedEx, crawfish lovers everywhere can enjoy fresh crawfish delivered to their door at home, or their nearest airport! Listed at the bottom of this page are several leading crawfish farms and live crawfish distributors.

Ordering Live Crawfish Online from Louisiana-Based Crawfish Outlets
A large number of crawfish outlets, farms and suppliers offer both local pickup and online ordering.
Listed below is a sample of long-standing dealers offering online crawfish ordering:

Crawfish Suppliers 
There are a number of crawfish outlets, seafood markets, crawfish farms and caterers selling live and boiled crawfish. Some offer local delivery, while others provide delivery only in designated metropolitan areas. And some offer pickup only.

NOTE: We have no relationship with these vendors, and do not specifically recommend any one. Their names are provided only as a reference point to begin your crawfish shopping!

There are too many vendors to list, but here are a few to start your crawfish search. We highly recommend you check out each supplier carefully, and contact them personally, to determine their current services, pricing, policies, and guarantees before placing orders.