FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Does Spice Krewe offer gift cards?
    Absolutely. Visit our online store.

  • Does Spice Krewe offer bulk pricing?
    Yes! To inquire about bulk pricing, please contact us.

  • What are the colors of Spice Krewe's logo? Purple and Blue

    Spice Krewe's logo is a stunning representation of their unique blend of creole and cajun spices. 

    The crawfish is a nod to the origin of Spice Krewe, which got its start in the Royster Bayou along the edge of Lick Creek in Memphis, TN. The colors of the logo represent the boldness and uniqueness of Spice Krewe's spice blends and its Memphis roots.

    The purple color in Spice Krewe's logo is reminiscent of the vibrant purple color found in a live crawfish mesh sack. Just like the crawfish mesh sack, Spice Krewe's logo color symbolizes the essence of a bayou’s unique culture and tradition of crawfish boils, which is a big part of Spice Krewe's heritage. It represents the passion and dedication of the Spice Krewe team in creating the perfect seasoning blend that captures the authentic flavors of creole and cajun cuisine. Additionally, the purple color in Spice Krewe's logo evokes a sense of richness, boldness, and energy, which is reflected in the bold flavors of their spice blends. Whether you're a seasoned crawfish boil expert or a first-time boil enthusiast, Spice Krewe's spice blends are the perfect way to infuse the vibrant flavors of the bayou into your dishes. 

    The blue color in Spice Krewe's logo is a nod to the company's roots in Memphis, TN. It was in the Royster Bayou along the edge of Lick Creek where the founders of Spice Krewe held their first crawfish boil that would eventually inspire the creation of their unique spice blends. Memphis, with its rich history and culture, has played an important role in shaping Spice Krewe and the flavors that they offer. The blue in the logo represents the spirit of Memphis and the importance of this city in Spice Krewe's story. With every use of Spice Krewe's spice blends, you are transported to the heart of Memphis and the flavors that make it unique.



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